Angus Hamilton - New Land Assets

Angus Hamilton – Chairman and founder

Following an early career at the Bank of England, Angus has over 45yrs experience in the UK Property Industry. Based in London until the mid '80s he worked for Chamberlain & Willows, CBRE, Bernard Sunley Investment Trust, and Eagle Star Properties. In 1985 he joined Grosvenor Square Properties Group Plc as a Director, and in 1988 moved to Glasgow to set-up a Scottish office as a main board director. In 1992 Angus founded New Land Assets. Since then he has completed numerous successful developments as well as building up a diverse well performing portfolio of commercial property.


Duncan Hamilton – Managing Director

Duncan has over 15 year’s experience working in the UK property industry. Having graduated from the University of Reading in 2003 gaining a 1st Class Hons degree, Duncan worked for Rider Hunt in Melbourne, Australia, and Gardiner & Theobald and JLL in London. He joined the family business in 2008 and was promoted to Managing Director in 2014. In his time with the business he has completed a number of successful developments whilst maintaining and growing the existing investment portfolio.


Master Planning

As developers we are conscious of the impact our schemes can have on the local area both socially and environmentally. Realisation of the full value of a site often requires working with other stakeholders such as surrounding landowners, the local authority and local residents. The objective is to ensure not only satisfactory commercial gains but also social and environmental benefits acceptable to all parties are fully reconciled.

The master planning process can often take a number of years of forward planning and investment. A benefit of being a family business is that we can accept the need to take a medium to long term view in order to unlock the benefits from large development sites.


Development Management

The development process is well known to us, whether it be a new build or the reconfiguration of an existing building. The risks in development should not be understated and experience is key to ensuring all potential risks are identified and addressed allowing projects to be delivered on time, on budget and to the intended quality and design criteria.

Asset Management experience allows us to apply value engineering to design not only to save on initial construction expense but also to minimise life cycle costs once the building is occupied and operational.


Asset Management

When holding assets it is important to maximise revenue without compromising any long term investment potential. Building good relationships with tenants has helped to keep us aware of any potential management issues and has allowed us to make sure we are operating effectively.

We always ensure our buildings are well maintained by frequent monitoring and inspection.

Regular maintenance preserves investment value and helps to encourage tenant loyalty and goodwill. Well presented accommodation helps to attract new occupants and minimises voids with a consequent positive impact on revenue return.